Accelerating Development & Collaboration on Mobility Projects

The FeedHenry 3 Mobile Application Platform brings agility, visibility and efficiency to enterprise mobility. Our Mobile App Platform embraces collaborative app development across multiple teams and projects and supports development “your way” with  Bring-Your-Own-Tools (BYOT). It offers centralized control of security as well as API and Enterprise MBaaS integration plus a choice of cloud deployment options.



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Team and Role-based Development

Multiple developers with different skills can work concurrently across multiple app projects bringing apps to market faster.

Access Controls at all Levels

Configuration of fine-grained access controls at all levels of each mobile project helps lock down functionality.

Project-based Collaboration

Teams, in-house and outsourced, can work simultaneously on mobile Projects, which consist of client apps, cloud apps, and services, each with their own Git repositories.

Company-wide Visibility

Centralizing control across multiple skillsets in multiple mobile projects, across various stages of their lifecycle, enables visibility of all company-wide mobile projects.

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Open Toolkits

Support for native SDKs, HTML5, cross-platform tools including Appcelerator Titanum and Xamarin as well as JavaScript frameworks like Sencha Touch, Backbone.js, Angular.js. and Ember.js.

Multi-platform Build Farm

Provides builds for native and hybrid apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Centralized Credentials

Digital certificates and developer credentials are stored centrally so they can be easily managed and accessed across the team.

App Migration

Existing native and hybrid apps can be onboarded to the platform and centrally managed in FeedHenry 3.

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Enterprise-grade MBaaS

FeedHenry 3 MBaaS provides out-of-the-box functionality and simplifies backend integration to legacy systems using Node.js.

Re-usable Connectors & Node.js Plugins

Speed app delivery with re-usable connectors and Node.js plugins to common backend systems such as Salesforce, SAP, Oracle and more.

API Management

APIs are created and managed centrally in the platform and provide reports on usage, performance in-built troubleshooting tools.

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Encryption & Endpoint Management

HTTPS security from app to MBaaS can be enhanced with optional AES/RSA encryption and backend endpoints rely on HTTPS with additional API key lockdown.

Protecting Access to Enterprise Systems

Access from MBaaS to backend systems can be secured via the use of IP address punch-through, VPNs, strong firewalls, DMZs, approved data centers and more.

User Authentication & Authorization

User authentication and authorization is customer specific and options include inbuilt platform auth, third party LDAP/Active Directory, OAuth & SAML.

Single Click MDM Integration

The platform is fully integrated with leading MDM/MAM solutions providing single click deployment to enterprise app stores hosted by AirWatch and MobileIron.

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Forms Builder

Build mobile forms that include all device features like camera, GPS, signature capture using a drag-and-drop forms builder. No coding needed for these.

Re-usable Templates

Make use of template apps to accelerate development and testing and create a standard look-and-feel. Use our Angular.js, Backbone.js, Sencha and JQuery templates or build your own.

Workforce Management (WFM)

Our pre-built WFM solution is ready for you to customize to your requirements and brand - quickly create and deploy cross platform apps with little coding but maximum functionality.

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Flexible Cloud Deployment

Deploy to a wide range of IaaS and PaaS platforms or directly onto your VSphere hypervisor or Openstack infrastructure behind the firewall. We support most public, private and hybrid cloud configurations.

Cloud Storage

Make use of built-in NOSQL or third party cloud storage on a pay-as-you go basis. Use our automatic caching feature to reduce load on backend systems, and provide more responsive, robust and resilient mobile solutions.

Customer Insight & ROM

Use the platform Reporting & Analytics features to access up-to-the minute information on app and user activity and gain insights into customer behaviors and backend system usage to improve your return on mobility.

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Taking Enterprise Mobility to the Next Level

Taking Enterprise Mobility to the Next Level

A comprehensive guide to FeedHenry 3 and the new features and enhancements that support a cohesive mobile strategy.
20 minute Demo of FeedHenry 3

20 minute Demo of FeedHenry 3

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FeedHenry Overview

FeedHenry Overview

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