HTML 5, hybrid and web apps can be developed in our hosted App Studio and then deployed to multiple devices (iOS, Android and Windows Phone). If you prefer to build native apps, we have SDKs to support native iOS and Android development.

Our back-end is full Node.js without limits. Build complex cloud applications which connect to all your Enterprise systems.

We can integrate with your workflow and environment so that you can use your preferred tools and IDEs. Learn more about all this by following the links below and make sure to read our Developer Blog regularly.


  • Developer Docs
  • Everything you need to develop with Red Hat Mobile Application Platform.
  • GitHub
  • Browse or clone our selection of template apps.
  • FHC
  • Learn about the CLI which enables you to manage, edit and build your apps locally.


  • Getting Started
  • Build your first app in just a few minutes.
  • Guides
  • Learn more details about both client and cloud development.
  • Videos
  • Watch our developers explain the details of the platform.


    • Release of RHMAP 3.7 including API Mapper preview

      Hot on the heels of our 3.6 releases just before Christmas, we have completed our roll-out of version 3.7 of the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform to all of our actively updated grids. The main points of interest in this …...