We have now rolled out RHMAP 3.5.x to all of the relevant pre-production and production grids. There is one small breaking change which needs to be flagged. If, on deployment of your cloud code, you receive a message saying “pre-deploy checks failed. Error: fh-mbaas-api version ~x.y.z is not valid. Please make sure it is >=5.0.0″

We have some really interesting and powerful new features in RHMAP v3.5.x which has just been deployed to our evaluation SaaS grids and will be deployed to the production grids next week. Lifecycle Management for Forms Builder We released our Application Lifecycle Management (ALM/LCM) functionality earlier this year and it has proven to be a

Mobilizing Sharepoint

Wednesday, 02 September 2015 by

Microsoft’s SharePoint is commonplace in the toolset of a modern organization. It’s a silo of information which can be quite difficult to access – but that doesn’t always have to be the case. The Red Hat Mobile Application Platform’s SharePoint Connector attempts to solve this problem, by making SharePoint a readily available source of data for

Last Tuesday, I had the great pleasure of presenting as part of the Middleware keynote session at Red Hat Summit. I’ve presented lots before – almost weekly to smaller audiences as part of sales, and plenty of developer evangelism presentations too.I’ve probably presented to an audience of ~200 It’s interesting being involved in such a

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Over the last year a lot of exciting events have hit the FeedHenry team, most notably our acquisition by Red Hat to be their new Mobile offering. This past week many team members were able to attend the annual Red Hat Summit, and it’s safe to say many spotlights were pointed our way. I’m not

Currently in software development the biggest challenge is integrating. A lot of what we do involves integrating with other platforms or libraries. Knowing how to integrate is important, so here I’m going to show how to integrate the Unified Push Server (UPS) with Feedhenry, for adding push notification support. To make things even easier we

There seems to have been an explosion in the use of the term “microservices” recently. I’ve been peripherally aware of the concept for some time now, but it seems it first came to light with a fantastic collection of thoughts by Martin Fowler[1] – some great reading on the topic.

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Web Scraping for Fun & Profit II

Monday, 08 December 2014 by

In my Web Scraping blog post, I described some simple ways to retrieve data from a web page using Node.js. This means of data retrieval proves useful when no API is available. Today, I’m going to describe similar techniques where reverse engineering & more complex authentication flows are involved to retrieve data. Authentication When we need to authenticate before viewing the data

It was a real pleasure to see how well the Red Hat keynote at Devoxx went in Antwerp recently. We don’t have a video of that yet, but Markus Eisele got the band back together for an encore on Google Hangouts last week. The guys explain all of the tech behind the demo and show

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