What library is being published, and why? The library being published to maven is a java client for interacting remotely with gitlab-shell https://github.com/gitlabhq/gitlab-shell. It uses the Jsch libary to remotely connect (SSH) to the machine with gitlab-shell installed, and execute gitlab-shell administration commands. The reason for creating this library is because one did not exist

What was done and why? This article details the steps that were followed to: Create a new chef cookbook (for installing gitlab-shell) Write a recipe, with a set of configurable attributes Deploy/Publish this cookbook to the ‘Chef Supermarket’ Include the newly published cookbook in chef based project The main reason for doing this was because

Web Scraping for Fun & Profit

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There’s a number of ways to retrieve data from a backend system within mobile projects. In an ideal world, everything would have a RESTful JSON API – but often, this isn’t the case.Sometimes, SOAP is the language of the backend. Sometimes, it’s some proprietary protocol which might not even be HTTP-based. Then, there’s scraping. Retrieving information


We’re often asked to explain the best approach to take when building complex mobile solutions and how the FeedHenry mobile application platform helps to simplify, manage and streamline the process.

Here at FeedHenry we’re big fans of Apache Cordova - the leading Hybrid App Development Framework – and have been supporting it in our Mobile App Platform for several years now. Over that time, we have upgraded our supported version of Cordova many times (we first started supported cordova at version 0.9). One of the core parts

The Cordova File API is one of the most widely used APIs when developing Cordova apps (Ranked as the No.3 the most downloaded plugin on the Cordova plugin registry). It implements the W3C File API for hybrid mobile apps. However, due to the complexity of the W3C specification, and the fact that each mobile OS handles file

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FeedHenry 3 offers a range of App importing and on-boarding options including Cordova, Native Android, Native iOS, Native Windows Phone 8, Web Apps, Appcelerator and Xamarin Apps.

One of the most powerful features in FeedHenry 3 is the ability to deploy mBaaS Services that can be accessed by multiple projects. This means you can, for example, encapsulate all of the functionality to access one of your back-end systems and then provide a consistent interface to it for all of your projects. This

We develop everything in FeedHenry API-first ,which means our command-line tooling is just as powerful as our Web UIs, with the added advantage of automation and scriptability. The main FeedHenry CLI is called fhc and it is how most developers interact with the platform. Version 0.30.x has had quite a few changes (to put it

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